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 Animal Bioware Cloud™ leverages the simplicity, scalability & reliability of the cloud, and delivers our flagship Animal Bioware™ Software Suite used worldwide by 18,000 users without the hassle of servers, infrastructure, design, project management, delays, or capital budgets. Seamlessly manage Animal Orders, Animal Health Records, Billing, Breeding Colonies, Cage Card Printing & Housing, Census (Barcode or RFID), Protocols & IACUC processes, Training & SOP’s, and more. Using our Animal Bioware™ RFID Smart Label start an RFID census for less than 15 cents a cage. We handle everything, including the servers, infrastructure, upgrades & backups all delivered with a 99.9% uptime & service level guarantee from an ISO 27001 certified cloud datacenters - so you can get on with managing your animal program. It’s all ready and available for you today.
It’s time to modernize your census, and you’re looking at RFID, but don’t want to use a capital budget, and spend $7 per cage? Look no further. The Animal Bioware™ RFID Smart Label technology brings you 15 cents per cage RFID without the hassles of multiple vendors, multiple systems; all while maintaining the convenience of a barcode system for single use applications like single Animal Health case tracking. Our Smart Label technology uses paper cage cards, is a hybrid, and offers the best of both barcode & RFID technologies."


The Animal Bioware™ Series II Software Suite, is a complete set of modular building blocks & software tools that allow you to create a digital nervous system in which you will be in control & informed of all aspects of your animal program.

Select from our many modules, including: Animal Health, Animal Order, Billing, Breeding, Census, Facilities, Husbandry, IACUC, Training, and Technical Services.

Welcome to Digital Paradigms’ web portal. Digital Paradigms provides leadership in Informatics software, bio-metric software, and meta-tracking solutions. We strive everyday to bring you modern technology and digital processes to help automate your operation, and make your life simpler and more productive.

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By leveraging several well known and proprietary technologies, Digital Paradigms has created products that are highly modular, modern, and scalable. Our ideal architecture is to create modular building blocks of technology so that each applied use of that technology can be seamlessly connected, separately purchased, upgraded, and scaled. Key technologies in use & within our products are:

  • Automation Technologies
  • Barcode/RFID Technologies
  • Database Client/Server Technologies
  • Email Technologies
  • Mobile / Handheld Technologies
  • Security/Encryption Technologies
  • Web Client/Server Technologies

Digital Paradigms offers a range of choices when it comes to helping your staff work with any of our products and many of the technologies that we offer. We offer in-house onsite training, web based courses, video training, webinars and offsite training at remote facilities.

  • Basic Bar-Coding
  • PDA/Mobile Device Operations
  • Animal Bioware™ Modules
  • Simple Census™
  • Animal Bioware™ System Administration
  • Introduction to Report Writing
  • Introduction to Database Admin
  • Intermediate Database Admin
  • MS-Access Development
  • SQL-Server Development
  • Advanced Informatics
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